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Simple and easy steps on how to get glass skin at home

What is Glass skin??

Glass skin is the latest and new skin tone which is also known clear seemingly transparent skin, luminous. This skin tone is viral on social media. Everyone likes the glass skin and wants to achieve like a goal. Glass skin looks like the good pane of glass that’s why its called the glass skin.it is human thought they always choose the simple and easy way to achieve its goal. Ist question is that how to get the glass skin at home in real life. If you want to glass skin you need to remove the dead skin cells and keep skin hydrated to the max.

Here we do not only describe the breakdown of how to achieve flawlessly radiant and glass skin. I am going to give you home remedies that help how to get glass skin at home so that you don’t have to break the bank. There are many products available in the market you can look into to achieve glass skin. But those who people keep liking natural and easy. Go straight from the kitchen you too can have glass skin. Everything you want to know must know Simple and easy steps help how to get glass skin at home

1.Cleansing your skin with coconut oil

If you want to get glass skin use coconut oil for cleansing the skin.Because Korean people’s skin is a glass skin they use a simple method to cleansing the use of coconut oil.Because glass skin requirement clean the skin deeply and remove the dirt particles and makeup using

Here we discussed some unique steps people follow to get the glass skin and make skin brighter smooth and younger. It is cleansing…..If you get the glass skin you must be clean your skin deeply in order to remove dirt particles and make used oil-based cleaning. I recommend that use coconut oil for the purpose of cleansing because it removes the dirt particles very deeply. Take some coconut oil in the cotton and applied on the skin. After applied it properly washed your skin herbal face wash.

Simple and easy steps on how to get glass skin at home

2.Exfoliate your skin

Here we used the word Exfoliate.I know you think that what is the meaning of exfoliate It means that remove the dead skin cells from the skin.If you want to Exfoliate your skin follow these steps:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Rice flour
  • Add some lemon juice and make this scrub
  • Take some water & wet your skin
  • Take some scrub and applied gently circular motion on the skin.

Don’t need to do these steps daily. Do these steps three times a  week. If your skin is sensitive use two times it’s enough. The exfoliation process is very important for glass skin because it opens the pores and gently cleans all the dirt from your face.

3. Make natural  hydrate toner at home

Toning plays an important part in the cleansing process. A good tome removes the dirt, oil left behind by the cleanser. Toner will help hydrate. After the Exfoliation process skin is to much dry and rough toner help to restore all the lost moisture and hydration in your skin.

If you maintain the glass skin use toner on a daily bases. Now we tell you the best working toner.

  • Take two  tablespoon  tomato juice
  • Add two tablespoon, honey…..MIX it!

Your toner is completely ready to use Now applied it on your clean face and massage it is toward motion. Leave them the 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it! Used this toner 4 to 5 days in the week. I know many famous brand toners available in the market but if you follow these steps described below. You can make the natural homemade toner that is too effective for glass skin and help to maintain it.

4.Natural Mostiuser

Glass skin is totally based on most users If you want to achieve the natural look visible plumpness on your face. You cannot skip this step at all. Applying a moisturizer is the most important phase of glass skin.

It fights dry and patchy skin issues also helps improves the condition of flakiness on the skin.use moisture in the daily based if you maintain the natural look of glass skin. Many moisturizers are available in the market but it cannot base on natural things It gives you result very fast but cannot maintain the natural look of your skin.

If you want to make the natural homemade moisture must follow these steps.

  • Take two tablespoons of aloe Vera gel
  • Add it in the raw milk.
  • Then add 1 vitamin E capsule. Mix it!
  • Now natural moisture is ready to use.
  • Before going to bed apply this cream on your face 3 to 4 mins by massaging

Leave it overnight & wash your face with water in the morning and then moisturize your face with the SPF+moisture. You can store this natural moisture 3 to 4 days in a fridge. If your skin has dark spots it must be removed by using this natural moisture and your face is a bright glow like a glass skin.


While learning about how to get glass skin naturally at home. Many people miss out on the step of applying a serum. We describe the three types of DIY  serum which are helping to achieve the glass skin. One of them skin lighting, skin brightening, and anti-aging. These serums are very effective for glass skin and you can also make at home at very low cost. Firstly we describe

 how to make skin lighting  serum for glass skin

Use aloe vera gel with the pomegranate juice it helps to minimize the pores and reduce the redness of the skin . It also plays a very important role in skin hydrated. Then add the sedalhoud insulation oil.

If you want a skin bright and reduced the pigmentation spots used few drops of insertion oil in the serum. If you used 1 teaspoon for gel add four drops of insertion oil. Lastly, add the Toner 1 tablespoon How to make a toner for glass skin we describe already below. If you add these things very well way your skin lighting seems is ready for glass skin. You can store it in any container for me and a half a month without any refrigerator.

How to make skin brightening serum for glass skin

Use calendula gel for making the brightening serum we used calendula gel because it has the calendula flower extracts which give you pure compilation and give the brightness of your skin.Just take to spoon of calendula gel make the serum. Then add the few drops of orange insertion oil. This oil is to many benefits for the skin because it consists of vitamin E.Vitamin E help to brighten the skin. Add the Rosewater only I teaspoon. Now ready your skin brightening serum ready. All ingredients mix very well and store in the container 1 and a half months without any refrigerator.

Famous beauty tips that help change your life

Some of the famous beauty tips for teenage girls and women are not based on reality but rather lessons passed down from one generation to another. Often the mother of teenage girls feels their responsibility to share beauty hacks with their young female offspring. Because of their thoughts Famous beauty tips that help change your life

Unfortunately, some of these beauty tips for teenage girls being shared by their moms. They are not be based on any reality in some cases more harm than good. In this article, we will describe some of these more popular time tested beauty tips and tell you whether or not each is based more on fact than fiction.

1.Use of Aloe vera for white skin

White and shining skin looking very pretty. Beauty cannot depend only on white skin color. The real thing is that neat clean and shining skin. if you want to  clean and shining skin must-try homemade beauty tips

  • Ist get the one piece of aloe vera cannot use aloe vera gel must use fresh aloe vera.
  • Remove the outer skin on the piece of aloe vera Take the inner material because the inner material of the aloe vera is the best internet for beauty.
  • After collecting the fresh inner material of aloe vera in the bowl
  • Put fresh material into the blender, then add 3 spoons of fresh rose water
  • Mix them both ingredients very well
  • Take clean bowl covered them a soft cloth, then put them the mixture
  • After the inner material of aloe vera and rose water stain them accurately.
  • After the stain, you will see the juice. This juice is very  good for skin
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Gram flour, then add 1 tablespoon of fresh glycerine.
  • Mix them both ingredients very well way
  • If you want to use with the help of their hands  

2. Remove black spots with the help of a mask

If you use a foundation mask to increase your beauty. Here, share the home remedy that will just take 15 minutes to your skin recover. Just follow these steps if you want to clean your face and remove blackheads.

  • To make the mask, Take 2 or 3 teaspoons of milk into the bowl and the I tablespoon of gelatin. Let it dip for some time.
  • Take this mixture in the microwave oven in 30 seconds.
  • When the mixture in the touchable form yet warm, carefully apply it on your face .let the mask dry then use it gently.

3. Get rid of blackheads in a few minutes

If you want to remove the blackheads, you can use the mask in the combination of honey and cinnamon. Apply the layer over the blackheads, with the help of soft cotton. Remove it after a few minutes and rinse your face.

4.Curl hair with the help of a straightener

If you want to curl your long hair in fast..This advice will help you curl long hair fast. Just twist part of your hair, and slide a hair straightener along it.

5.Apply powder through the tissue

Regular heavy makeup and use of foundation very harmful for the skin. Instead, it uses for regular use. Alternate apply the powder with soft tissue. The layer of powder is very light as compared to the thick foundation.

6. Use of sugar is the best remedy of Hand white

White and soft looking very pretty. That’s why I am issuing the procedure of how the sugar is used for hand white. This remedy made by the sugar help to increase the beauty of the hand.

If you want to make that remedy ist take the I plastic bowl then add the fresh lemon juice. lemon consists of a white bleaching effect that helps your hand white.

Add I tablespoon of milk. After that add half tablespoon of almond powder. Almond powder makes your hand white and soft.because it also consists of bleaching effect. After that, the last main internet sugar adds them. Suger work on your hand like sukarap.

Mix all the things very well way. Now your hand made remedy is ready. This is the best remedy that helps your hand white smooth shining etc. Apply this material on your hand message 2 or 3 minutes. After the message leaves them 15 to 20 minutes. Now wash your hand clean and freshwater.

7.Smoky Eyes shadow with a brown shade

This is the best beauty tips that great smoky eye in all the colors. We recommend that using brown shadow not black to get the look. Real black eye shadow can look harsh.

8. Get along eyelash with coconut oil

Mostly Girls are like long smooth and healthy eyelashes. Because long eyelashes increased the beauty of the face. That’s the fake eyelashes to increased beauty. If you get real healthy eyelashes. Use coconut oil every night on eyelashes before going to sleep.

Dry skin care tips

  • Avoid using the hot to taking the bath because hot water is not a friend of dry skin.
  • Some girls are used lotion to remove the dryness of skin skip that use ointment or cream.
  • Use lip balm to remove the dryness of the lip.
  • When you want to go outside of the home must wear gloves and layers.
  • Apply the moisture on your skin in the day a much time.