Every girl wants to look amazing, pretty gorgeous from the moment she wakes up. The problem occurs is that sometimes you lack the time and energy, money and needed a beauty routine. Things are even when you are having a bad hair day or suffer from very deeply. Here we discuss the 5 beauty hacks for girls. Hope so these hacks are very helpful for every girl.

1. Use Green and orange concealer to even out skin tone

Use a green and orange concealer on your face to balance out the skin tone and obtain perfect complexation. If you are feel done after applying blush foundation and eyeshadow. If your face swollen or red use a green tone concealer. Look the magic happens when you blend it all in.

Use Green and orange concealer to even out skin tone;beauty hacks
Use Green and orange concealer to even out skin tone; beauty hacks

2.Swap mascara for Eyeliner

If your eyeliner is expired, use mascara instead, Rub eyeliner brush with the help of mascara and make a foolproof line. The same procedure you can do a cream eyes shadow.No one will be able to tell different.

Swap mascara for Eyeliner:beauty hacks
Swap mascara for Eyeliner: beauty hacks

3. Make your lipstick last longer

Basic problems of girls’ lipstick are not long laster on their lips. If you want to make your lipstick long laster. Here I am discussing the simple trick to make your Lipstik long laster. Use a thick brush to dust loose powder or blusher over the tissue. This is a very simple hack that will make your lips pretty, gorgeous.flawless for hours.


4.Spritz Your Perfume in the Right Places

If you wish to make you perform last longer, apply it behind ears, down your back, inside the elbows and ear. Spray it also in your hair too. It can also be drying for hair so spray your hairbrush.

5. Makes Your Eyes Bigger

According to the survey white eye shadow give the impression and make you look more awake of bigger eyes. If you want to best result apply it on your eyelid and along the lower lashes. Use the darker tone to the top of the lid to create the contrast. To make your eye pretty, apply white or light eyeliner onto the inside of your lower lash line.


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